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What is Nblocks?

Nblocks is your fast track to a foundation to power your SaaS application. All the needed infrastructure is collected in one place, so you can focus on your core features.

Handle the fundamentals for authorizations, login flows, user management, billing, and feature flags, or use Nblocks for more complex use cases. We redefine developer docs so whatever you choose to do, we have you covered and ensure you’re set up in minutes instead or days.

Get user ready

A vital part of a secure and efficient user experience. Secure the app, enable sign up, and login through our ready-to-use Nblocks hosted flows. Implement MFA and manage users with email invitations and forgot password features. Utilize RBAC for user access control. Ensure application security and protect API keys. Everything you need to get user ready, fast.

Make login easy through social logins and Single Sign On (SSO)

Reduce frictions by letting users choose how they want sign up and sign in. Support enterprise clients with SSO solutions. Every login need covered for any organization size.

Manage users from our simple yet powerful dashboard

Manage users through our user management view. Provide tools to easily handle different users and assign roles. Support multitenancy to ensure secure segregation of data across user groups. By prioritizing user management you allow users to effectively handle their accounts and collaborate within your system.

Get payment ready fast by using our easy-to-set-up billing

Define subscription plans for users to choose from and define multiple tax areas. Incorporate a smooth payment flow during sign up and within the app, including a paywall. Easily integrate with Stripe for secure payment processing.

Manage features and releases with feature flags

Experience the ultimate feature control with Feature Flags. Easily manage feature releases, A/B testing, and user customization. Maximize flexibility, minimize risk, and deliver personalized experiences to your users with confidence.