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Signup for nblocks

Signup via Nblocks Admin

Go to Nblocks Admin and click create account.

Once you have logged in to your new account you will be able to create your first Nblocks App. Use the API key and the App ID to start calling our APIs.

Signup through terminal

Signup for Nblocks using our interactive terminal tool. The following command will create a new Nblocks app and also signup with access to Nblocks Admin

npx @nebulr-group/nblocks-cli create-app

The NPX tool will ask for an app name and your email address and then create a new folder and place a .env file containing your Nblocks API key and download a copy of your app profile into a file app-configuration.json. Use this API key from the env file and the App ID from your app profile to start calling our APIs.